Suitable location:
Recommendation on your wish for a suitable location
If wished we can arrange that you have a witness present at your wedding.
Information about the procedure, documents and formal matters concerning the attended wedding.


After your wedding, you want to enjoy our Island and make your honeymoon something wonderful were you can really enjoy your time with each other on a relax manner, we have then a lot of facilities, you can take part of
The tours that we can arrange for you, so that you can be among others are:

  • City and surroundings tour
  • The jeep safary tour
  • The Ostrich farm
  • Cave of Hato
  • Beach tours
  • Nature garden of Dina Veeris

      -     Sunset sailing
The possibility is there if you have fishers-sense.
Do you want to sail, there are waiting for you to enjoy the deep sea blue water.
Are you an adventure type, you can go on the scooter trip, buggy trip, or motorcycle through the city, safari tours.
Diving with the dolphins, you name it and we complete your dream.
The many possibilities which our Island offers are in your hand to enjoy them.
Explore your dream and make your wedding day a day that you will always think of, with a big smile on your face.

Thank you for visiting my wedding page and if you are planning to get wed, give me a call or send me a mail or a fax. Then we can work things out the way you desired it.
I’m looking forward to meet you and put that smile of  happiness on your face.
With all Respect.

Kindly greetings,
Diana G.