Suitable location:
Recommendation on your wish for a suitable location
If wished we can arrange that you have a witness present at your wedding.
Information about the procedure, documents and formal matters concerning the attended wedding.

Stay, Wedding-locations and Restaurants

On our tropical-romantic Curacao with glorious blue water and splendid beaches, there are several possibilities of stay.
It depend completely on what you wish.
There are for example splendid hotels, apartments or hiring houses for short stays.
You indicate what you gladly would want and we arrange our-self completely to your wishes.
The wedding location you can decide by yourself. Tell us how it must look like and we will be your fairy.
The normal place for the wedding is the Civil Office of Curacao with or without blessings.
But if you decide that you for example want to get married on a range, or on a boat, or in a restaurant, etc… then we will regulate all that also for you. You indicate it simply and we ensure the rest.
Because this day is a particular day in your life, which must and will be unforgettably.
To make this day unforgettable, we offer our collaboration.
There are several excellent restaurants here on the Island with delicious courses.
Do you want an intimate dinner or an extensive reception, we regulate it for you.
You tell us what your dreams are and we shall make your dreams come true.