Suitable location:
Recommendation on your wish for a suitable location
If wished we can arrange that you have a witness present at your wedding.
Information about the procedure, documents and formal matters concerning the attended wedding.


  • All original documents and application forms must be served in our possession external 2 months before the wedding day
  • The papers will be sent to the Civil office and there they will check if everything is in order. If there is approval received from the Civil office on Curacao, an affirmative with the definite wedding date and time of your marriage will be sent in written to us.
  • You are then, if all this has take place, officially in publication of banns on Curacao
  • You are expected to be here on the Island 4 days before your wedding date and
    Also remain 1 working day after your wedding date, so that all official papers can be take care of.

The documents that you need are:

  • The original application and authorization form of Roymar’s Wedding Service.
  • Valid copy of passport of both partners
  • Original birth register / birth certificate ( council office/ birth place )
  • Original certified copy of an entry of birth with personal data out of the basic administration, on behalf of the notification of marriage with indication of civil status ( council office, place of residence )
  • Possibly if you have children, we need the original birth register/ birth certificate of your children ( council office / birth place)
  • Possibly copy marriage certificate, divorce certificate or declaration of dead form of the previous partner ( council office where the marriage took place )
  • A proof of a certificate of your religion where you are united, if you want  your marriage to be blessed on the Island.
  • Your documents must not be older then 6 months

Documents witnesses:

  • Copy valid passport (age minimum 18 years )
  • At the town hall you need 2 witnesses, but at other locations you need 6 persons

Civil Marriage:
For a civil marriage you can marry on almost every desired location on this Island.

Ecclesiastical marriage:
The most religions are presented here on the Island. If you want your marriage be blessed, a proof of your communion is needed and  very important.
The prices depend on your own religion.

We gladly receive the documents of your marriage by means of express service.

Send your documents too:

Roymar’s Wedding Service
Regarding: Diana G.

Kaya Hein Stelp # 7
Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Tel : 00 (5999) 5147884
Fax: 00 (5999) 8697626
e-mail: info@roymarwed.com

Please fill out the wedding application form in with block letters.
Print it out and send it with the other documents that are needed to Roymar’s Wedding Service.
If you have more then 2 witnesses fill the 3rd form in and print it out.
We can also take care of  the witnesses if you don’t have special persons on that date.
We are any time at your service.