Suitable location:
Recommendation on your wish for a suitable location
If wished we can arrange that you have a witness present at your wedding.
Information about the procedure, documents and formal matters concerning the attended wedding.

The service

Roymar’s Wedding Service on Curacao offers you a guaranteed professional organization of your wedding day.
We take care of your wedding, so that every thing will be arranged perfectly, the way you are dreaming of this special day in your life.
All appointments  will be exactly carry out, so that your special happening walk smoothly when you arrived in Curacao.
We are there for you, from the airport, where we will welcome you in a pleasant manner and after that we will take you to your stay (Hotel, Apartment, hiring house etc…..)
We'll make an appointment for the next morning, to go through the concept scenario, so that every wish is regulated in a correct manner the way you want it.
Such as: -acquaintance with the wedding official
              -Your choice of flowers in your wedding bouquet
              -Bridal cake
             - Champagne
              -Dinner or reception
              -The location etc., etc.,…………

The concept scenario will be completed in close corporation with the bride couple so that the last wishes  also can be processed.
We answer all your questions and fulfill all your wishes.
On your wedding day, we are there the whole day for you to guide, assist and council you on this wonderful day.
After we have been through everything, we will finished the scenario and hand it over to the bride couple.

We take care of your wedding application  and all other formalities that is needed to get married  at the Civil registration in Curacao.
We look after the location that you have in mind to get married.

If the bridal couple desired also an Ecclesiastical blessing on the Island, it can be arranged.
The Civil marriage can be executed on every wished spot on the Island.

The service that is offered:

  • Information about the procedure, documents and formal matters concerning the attended wedding.
  • Witnesses (If wished)
  • recommendation on your wish for a suitable location
  • Organization of your whole wedding day
  • Making of the scenario of your wedding day
  • Reception at the airport and guidance to your stay
  • Cd with photo or DVD of Wedding

We will arrange ourself to your wishes and make this special day unforgettable for you. We assure you that your dream become a reality that you will never forget.

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